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SLIMbus - Serial Low-power Inter-chip Media Bus

SLIMbus(r) is a standard interface between baseband or application processors and peripheral components in mobile terminals, and was developed within the MIPI Alliance by a dedicated group of MIPI member companies (LML WG). SLIMbus is a trademark of MIPI Alliance, Inc.

SLIMbus development was driven by the increased demand for multimedia functions within mobile terminals and other portable entertainment devices, as well as the recognition that high quality digital audio is a major driver of unit growth and product differentiation.

SLIMbus addresses limitations of existing digital audio interfaces such as I2S and PCM (which are primarily point-to-point connections between single components and support only one or two digital audio channels) by providing a scalable multi-drop architecture supporting many components and digital audio channels on a single bus structure.

For even greater flexibility and simplicity, SLIMbus eliminates the need for a separate control bus such as I2C, SPI, microWire(TM), UART or GPIO pins on the digital audio components. Additionally, it may also reduce (or eliminate) instances of these bus structures on other types of low bandwidth components within the mobile terminal.

SLIMbus is implemented by a synchronous 2-wire, flexible TDM frame structure and surrounding bus arbitration mechanisms and message structures, which taken together establish flexible and robust data connections between SLIMbus Devices. Although optimized for the transport of constant-rate media streams, SLIMbus can transport various types of asynchronous data as well as control data.

SLIMbus - Public Information

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