SLIMbus Multilane Audio Bridge

The SLIMbus Audio Bridge is the essential link between any SLIMbus audio components and traditional audio analyzers like Audio Precision APx series, Rohde & Schwarz,...
SLIMbus audio components can now be tested like any other legacy audio chipset.

It features S/PDIF, Optical, analogue and multichannel I2S input/output interfaces.
It can also be used as an autonomous SLIMbus component to test Application Engines, for instance.
At last, the audio bridge can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of SLIMbus audio components to potential customers.
The SLIMbus Audio Bridge comes with a powerful application that allows the user to build and transmit message scripts on the SLIMbus, offering that way all the possible usage versatility.

Download the bridge hardware user Manual - PDF document
Download the bridge software user Manual - PDF document

- 12 bidirectional data ports
- 2 data lines
- 3 sample rate clock domains
- Bypassable sample rate converters
- Embedded Framer
- Embedded message traffic monitoring
- Embedded Manager controlable by software
- Multichannel I2S In & Out interface
- SPDIF, Optical and Analogue In & Out interfaces
- Internal tone generator
- Data channel loop back mode
- Very powerful clock management
- Compliant SLIMbus component
- Bridge SLIMbus to legacy I/F
- System validation (HW + SW)
- Chipset demonstration
- SLIMbus data channel analysis

- Programmable SLIMbus levels (0.9V->3.3V)
- Sample rates from 8 kHz to 384 kHz
- 32 bit sample support
- Switchable Bus Holder
- 4.3" color touch screen