SoundWire Protocol Analyzer

The Protocol Analyzer decodes the SoundWire bitstream and displays all the bit fields in a human readable manner. It provides all the features of modern protocol analyzers and even more. There are many levels of analysis, from the bit level display of the BitSlot value to the highest level of the Command Protocol. The Data streams are also decoded. The analyzer allows exportation of the results in various formats: HTML to share with colleagues not having the analyzer, TEXT for post processing, ...

The Protocol Analyzer is the ultimate tool to see exactly what is happening on your bus.

The following options are available:
- Traffic Generation (Master emulation with some limitied slave capabilities).
- 8 channels PDM interface (in and out) for direct injection or capture of real audio streams.
- 8 channels PCM interface (in or out) for direct injection or capture of real audio streams.

Download the SoundWire Protocol Analyzer product brief - PDF document

- Decode and analyze every bit fields
- Multiple levels of analysis
- Protocol error flagging
- Powerful export functions
- Ergonomic & intuitive interface
- Full trace recording
- Real time display of commands
- Simulation bench (VCD file)
- FPGA IP validation (HW)
- Silicon validation (HW)
- Application software debug (HW)